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pictures of ocean city county in new jersey, a possible gas main on fire. you can see lots of flames there scattered throughout that area. and we are going to keep an eye on this just to make sure that it doesn't get out of control but again, this could be the result of damage from sandy. and let's go ahead and look at some massive flooding. this is in hoboken, new jersey. you can see that neighborhoods and the streets there in these neighborhoods are just under water. the aerial views we have been seeing the last couple of days are just absolutely amazing. but you can see the streets there still pretty flooded. >> they look like canals. >>> pg&e crews are in new york helping to restore power to families. there's lots of folks that don't have power. 150 troubleshooters, linemen, engineers from all across california boarded a plane at mather field last night. crews say they are used to battling bad weather here in california but the one thing that worries them is getting lost. >> the biggest thing i think problem is not being familiar with the area. good thing i have gps and all that
francisco's sheriff. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is at city hall where supervisors voted to save his job. >> reporter: seven of the 11 voters voted to remove mirkarimi from office permanently. but nine needed to do so for that to actually happen. so ross mirkarimi is coming back to work here at city hall this morning as sheriff of san francisco. >> i want to mend fences with all parties. i look forward to demonstrating why the people elected me as sheriff and look forward for me and my family to move in a place where we hopefully will achieve some normalcy. >> reporter: the marathon board of supervisors meeting lasted about nine hours yesterday and in the end, supervisors kim, olague, campos and avalos voted in favor of ross mirkarimi keeping his job despite pleading guilty to false imprisonment days before he was sworn in, in january. the ethics commit recommended he be removed from office permanently. during a long public comment period yesterday we heard from both sides. >> we put him in office, and if we want him out, we'll take him out. >> you really need to ask yourself why mayor l
planes in those cities, passengers on the west coast will feel the impact throughout the next few days. check flight status well ahead of time and don't go to the airport if it's canceled. four flights have been canceled so far from oakland and san jose. make phone calls, get online and check it out. >> this storm is unprecedented. >> it's something we haven't seen quite a while. compares to hurricane hazel back in the 1950s. some kind of hurricane it is right now. winds extending 500 miles outside of the core of the system. watch as it slides inside the coastline. a lot of the rainfall moving along the coast. more and more people live right near the coastline so the prospect for damage even great ear. sandy sitting at 85 miles per hour. category 1 hurricane but the size of the storm we're worried about. atlantic city right in the track. one of the main concerns is you see the winds wrapping around the hurricane. there's a threat we could see a storm surge there. 8 to 11 feet. that is something else. if that happens, there's going to be major problems in new york. this is going to be s
river overflowed its boundaries. the city's famous boardwalk took a beating. 80 sections were swept away. not far away officials were paying close attention to the oyster creek nuclear plant. rising water in the atlantic ocean prompted officials to put the facility on alert status. the second lowest status on a four tiered warning system. the nuclear regulatory commission says the plant is safe. >>> more than 100 members of the california air national guard based at moffett field have been deployed to the storm area. the 129th rescue wing brought two rescue helicopters and two refueling planes to north carolina. from there, planes and personnel will be sent to wherever they are needed anywhere from north carolina to new england. >>> there are warnings as far west as chicago. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us with a look at some of the damage and rescue operations. cate. >> reporter: michelle, frank, as this storm continues to move, sandy is destroying things in her path and causing more evacuations along the way. off north carolina this was the dramatic rescue of the hms bounty built
team coverage of giants hoopla this morning. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is over at city hall, but we kick off with anne makovec at a very soggy at&t park. >> reporter: as you can imagine they have taken precautions. i'm here in the back of the field. you can see the infield covered up right now ready for game one of the world series. giants versus tigers. starts at 5:07 p.m. they have been sprucing up willie mays plaza and inside the dugout store fans are going wild for anything orange and black. local businesses are gearing up to serve those fans and hundreds of others who come to the neighborhood. the series will bring millions to local businesses. >> it's had a positive impact. anytime you can keep people using public transportation, walking, going by the businesses, i think it's great. >> reporter: yeah. as for getting inside of the park, we have been monitoring some of the ticket selling websites. seatgeek.com says the average price for games 1 and 2, $700, $300 to $400 for standing room only. right now we can see orange lights and decorations all over the city. a lot of the lan
with an outside law enforcement agency to beef up police presence on city streets. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec joins us now -- joins us now from oakland with more. >> reporter: the oakland pd is thinking of asking for help with officers from the alameda county sheriff's office and the chp. this would be a temporary fix until the next group of cadets graduates from the oakland police academy next year. city officials say they need help now because major crime is up 20%, burglaries up 40% and there have been 100 homicides. the police force is now at 629 officers. that is down from 837 just four years ago. discussions are now starting between the city and the sheriff's department which says it would provide deputies if the city and police union can figure out a plan. that's one of the problems. oakland has no money for extra first right now. their salaries would be almost $160,000 at least one city council member saying that they could end up dipping into reserves. >>> oakland police hope they can solve a murder case from a year ago. charles butler was killed december 22, 2011, after bumping the
. everybody has been allowed back in. live in berkeley, anne makovec, cbs 5. >>> a wild night at oakland city hall. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in oakland where protestors had another showdown with the city council. >> reporter: michelle, yeah, they were locked out of the council chambers and city leaders say they did this for security reasons and now they have yet to decide how they will handle meetings moving forward. >>> reporter: it was chaos outside council chambers. dozens of protestors were locked outside every city council. the group was speaking out against of the shooting of alan bluford the oakland teen who was armed when police shot and killed him. the bluford family held back information about their son's death. the family addressed the council last night. >> he murdered alan bluford in cold blood and that you are covering up a racist murder. >> reporter: several of the family's supporters chanted inside but things got quiet after the council president gave the family the police report regarding their son's death. the family says it was heavily edited but according to the rep
parade and outside the city we have florence and the machine in mountain view, madonna in san jose, a cal game, whoo, i'm exhausted and i haven't named all the events this weekend. so use mass transit. that's the best advice. bart, ferries, muni are stepping up service this weekend. by the way, we have learned that bart actually had two of their top 10 ridership days earlier this week and they only expect those numbers to soar continuing into saturday and sunday. so to get all the latest on information on how to avoid this traffic mess expected this weekend and all the events, go to our cbssf.com/weekend. all right. so it should be a great weekend in the city. for the latest on traffic right now, if there is any, let's go to gianna inside the studio. >> reporter: good morning. thank you very much. you're right. there's not a lot going on this morning. it's "friday light" so we're off to a good start. live look at conditions at the golden gate bridge. an easy ride into san francisco. let's show you a map of minneapolis. everything is on time. -- let's show you a map of mass transit. everyt
weigh in on a different issue. >>> hundreds of people gathered at san francisco's city hall to honor the life of ambassador chris stevens. he was killed last month in an attack on the libya embassy in benghazi. among the mourners were dianne feinstein and ed lee. his sister eulogized him. >> i saw the middle east through chris' wide eyes. >> friends say he was a good diplomat because he was interested in the lives of the libyans. during the service the libyan ambassador to the u.s. expressed regret his government couldn't protect the american envoy. stevens was a graduate of piedmont high school and berkeley. >> no tears, just a lot of laughter. his two sisters are both doctors. his brother is an attorney. they all spoke and so did george schultz the former secretary of state. he is 92, no notes, amazing. >> and stevens accomplished so much. it was a nice tribute. >>> let's check the weather. is it going to get warmer? >> this is going to be some kind of day around the bay area. not only in the valleys but all the way to the coast. we are heating up. skies mostly clear outside righ
and detroit mayor david bing have decided on their world series bet. the loser will visit the other city and do community service. for more, go to our website, cbssf.com/giants. >>> all right. well, lawrence and i are probably a little tired because we kept texting each other last night. are you still up? are you still up? did you see that? did you see that? >> there were so many iolites! can you believe that! wow! >> no one texted me last night. >> were you watching? >> no! >> there you go. 'nuf said. >>> we have a few more games to go. it was a great world series beginning. and we have some scattered light sprinkles out around the bay area if you are traveling now. looks like a little bit wet in spots so be careful as you can see some of that mixture moving its way through this morning. not very heavy but it's enough to get the ground wet, roads a bit as well so expect some of this to taper off throughout the morning hours. by the afternoon dry weather. but a fairly moist flow moving through now. you can see it starting to break up. high pressure sneaking in very nicely meaning we a
announce whether the city wl be in contention to host a future super bowl. c-b-s five reporter elissa harrington is live in santa clara... where the game... f we're picked... will be pla. elissa: today the golden state warrs plan to introduce the first drawings of their proposed >>> we could find out today if san francisco is one of the candidates and the city presents a formal plan to make a presentation to the nfl to be the host of super bowl 50. >>> today the warriors plan to present a proposed drawing of their arena in san francisco. the arena would be situated on the far outer edge of piers 30 and 32. the idea is to make the 135- foot tall arena appear smaller and create a sense of open space. >>> and the giants started off on the wrong foot last night in the national league championship series. they lost game 1 last night to the cardinals. game 2 will be tonight. >> reporter: unfortunately the san francisco giants didn't make it through game one but they did put up a good fight all the way to the last inning. unfortunately yesterday wasn't the day for bay area sports. >>>
penalty. >> san francisco shoppers, bring your own bags today or going to cost you a little. a city wide ordinance banning the use of plastic bags will go into affect. affects only large super markets and pharmacies. if you don't have a bag, you'll be charged 10 cents for every bag you need. >> i think we should pay for the damage out there. and if we can just have that two second thought of saying i've got a bag i can reuse, that's great. >> every year more than 1 million plastic bags are pulled out of the waterways. >>> other bay area headlines we're following, four cities in the bay area have high sales tax today. encreased by one-half of -- increased by one-half of 1%. now at 8.75%. the sales tax in sonoma is up to 8.5%. all the increases were passed by the voters. >>> more trains are being added to meet demand there. caltran will revive four discontinued trains. riders hit a new high in the month of june. >>> no legislative release for 200,000 workers. jerry brown has vetoed legislation that would have provided other labor protections to 200,000 care givers, nannies in california. h
were honking. illegal fireworks were going off because last night was the -- the city was full of giants fever. >> right now, go giants, baby. we're back! one more, baby. we're coming back. >> everybody gets along, no fights, everybody's on a good hype. >> reporter: now, this morning, some of those fans better be ready to break the bank because if you plan to score tickets for the world series, here's what you're looking at on stubhub. standing-room-only ticket prices are about $400. the highest price seats on stubhub, $10,000. now, if you were lucky enough to get these advance seats check out what the giants were selling retail prices. bleachers going for $230. the best seats were about $1,040. again, those were retail prices. that's part of the advanced sale they had earlier so stubhub is probably the best bet. that's what a giants representative told me yesterday. now, if you missed out on the game last night and highlights or team photos or want to score team gear the best place is on our website, cbssf.com. we're live at at&t park. cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> g
peaceful. this came one year after police tore down the tent city at frank ogawa plaza. >> it was a homeless shelter and we were feeding each other. all these people are friends and we came together to help the community and the world. >> last night police followed the marchers and gave warnings through a loudspeaker. some 200 officers were there some in riot gear following the protestors at a distance. only two arrests have been reported. the chp plans to patrol the streets of oakland soon to help the stretched police departmentful officers will be deployed next week to boost patrol in high crime areas and help with traffic enforcement. a similar situation is planned for stockton. >>> a body found last weekend was a missing girl from richmond the the death of 16- year-old kathy chu is now under investigation. she had been missing since late last month. a classmate contacted authorities after the body was found and they confirmed the identity of the victim. >>> police made an arrest in the disof a castro valley woman. she was found inside a burning house october 18. aut
. a resolution on tonight's city council agenda urges the company to provide community compensation packet voluntarily but that resolution may be pulled in favor of direct talks with them themselves. >>> he'll mediate negotiations between the company pg and e, the state and others pg and e facing millions in fines for the 2010 explosion . mitchell is a respected mediator and a noble peace prize nominee led the investigation into baseball scandal. >>> the giants are back even in the national league championship series that i felt beat the cardinals 7-1 last night. >> two runs are going to score. holliday kicks it and now 3 runs will score. >> 2nd baseman marco scutaro had the big blow. a 3 run double in the 4th 4th inning after a collision involving scutaro in the first inning. matt holliday slid hard into him and they differ on whether the slide was clean. >> once i got going, i wish i wouldn't have landed on him. >> we teach our guys to go hard, play clean, play hard, not trying to hurt anybody. >> i think they got away e with an illegal slide there. the rule was changed and he didn't hit
cases in the future. after nine months of hearings at city hall, we might find out today if ross mirkarimi keeps his job or is removed from office. he was elected last fall then suspended without pay by mayor ed lee shortly after being sworn in. he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment related to a domestic violence dispute with his wife. eliana lopez showed a neighbor her bruised arm in this video in when he grabbed her in an argument. he was sentenced to three years' probation, fined and a year of counseling. the mayor claims his guilty plea makes him unfit to hold office. meanwhile mayor lee is facing his own criticism accused of perjury. he testified he had not spoken to any of the 11 supervisors before suspending mirkarimi. a former board of supervisors candidate said he did seeking advice. those board of supervisors will meet today to discuss those issues and might vote on whether mirkarimi stays or goes for official misconduct. >> we are making already changes and great changes that were in the queue for reform. that should be allowed to continue based on voter
then a bus bridge is taking passengers around that accident area. >>> a local city leader says won't be intimidated. vallejo mayor osby davis' private law firm was purposesly torched over the weekend, gutting the building. this isn't the first time he has been targeted. davis has had numerous windows broken out by rocks and while he believes someone is trying to intimidate him, he says it's not working. >> i believe that the last criminal act is part of an escalating entertainment to intimidate me. it has failed. >> the mayor and his family are not getting extra police protection despite the attacks. >>> in other headlines, testimony is set to continue today in the trial of giselle esteban accused of murdering nursing student michelle le in hayward last year. in opening statements yesterday, prosecutors blamed a jealous rage for prompting esteban to kill her former friend. the defense says it was not premeditated but done in the heat of passion. >>> the body of one of two missing fishermen has washed ashore in the san mateo county coast. the man was aboard an 18-foot fishing boat w
homicide investigations in san jose. the city's 36th homicide of the year happened about 12:30 this morning. a man was killed in east san jose. someone old fire on the victim and other people standing near a home. police think it was gang- related. there are no suspects. >>> there was a fight on south second street in the downtown area. about 8:30 last night police found the victim a man who was pronounced dead at the hospital. no suspect in that case. police are still trying to learn exactly what happened there. >>> a bizarre confrontation on the caltrain tracks turned the evening commute into a mess t took place near the diridon station in downtown san jose shortly after 5:00 in the afternoon. caltrain service through the area was disrupted for 4 hours due to the incident. a san mateo county sheriff's deputy on patrol for caltrain found a 29-year-old san jose man act strangely and laying on the tracks. the deputy followed the man down the tracks and called for backup. investigators say the man armed himself with rocks and possibly a railroad spike. >> the suspect displayed some type of th
:00 but by 8:15 they had dispersed and went on a vandalism spree. city hall was damaged, protestors smashing the windows. they damaged a half dozen other businesses including the "oakland tribune" offices, three banks, a kaiser permanente and a.c. transit office and the oakland scientific facility. you're seeing damage on the corner and they covered about three blocks in the downtown area. despite the damage there have been no arrests. in observations, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >>> police arresting 20 people in san francisco during a protest over the weekend. people in black allegedly blocked traffic, vandalized vehicles and businesses on saturday afternoon. officers hit by flares bags of paint. they also contained rocks, as well. police believe some of those arrested were involved in similar activity in the mission district about two weeks ago. >>> a 24-hour long "occupy" san jose rally has been camped out in front of city hall and continues this morning. it's the first overnight protest since they were evicted last year. members say them stay until noon today. >>> the search is on for a ki
politician is one of the city's latest crime victims after being robbedded at gunpoint. dan kalb was approached by an armed robber at his home on wednesday night. ironically the city council candidate had just returned home from a neighborhood crime prevention meeting. >> now i know how some people feel when they are victims of a crime. i was lucky. there are some people in our community who are not lucky, who are shot, permanently injured, murdered. >> he was not harmed. the robber took his iphone and wallet. the candidate now says he emphathizes with his constituents who confront crime on at a daily basis. >>> the bay area teenager who was denied the boy scouts' highest honor after admitting he is gay is getting support from around the world. 400,000 signatures were hand- delivered to ryan andresen. he still wears his uniform despite being kicked out of his troop. the family met with the scouts behind closed doors yesterday hoping for a policy change. >> the response back was pretty much the same. this is a national policy. we are told to follow the national policy. >> getting
by the way in that area were also hit by gunfire. >>> the city of oakland suing the federal government over medical marijuana. the suit is aimed at stopping the feds from shutting down one of oakland's largest pot dispensaries. it claims federal officials promised not to raid dispensaries that follow state law and that shutting down the facility would send patients to the black market. >>> another suit in the news is a move to stop at least part of the central subway under construction here in san francisco. the suit says it's against the city charter to use union square for an entrance to that subway. today federal officials are expected to announce nearly a $1 billion federal for that subway project. >>> time now 4:41. hope to heartbreak. a body is found during the search for a missing colorado girl. >> plus, are we throwing away expired medications too soon? the results of a new ucsf study. >> and the bizarre chase through the streets of oakland when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, weaved in and out of traffi, ed up on sidewalks, >>> cameras catch a joyride through oakland on an atv. for se
is on for the suspect behind the city's 37th homicide of the year. officers found a man suffering from a gunshot wound in the 1700 block of rogers avenue around 2:00 this morning. the victim died at the scene. investigators have not identified the suspect or a motive. the identity of the man killed is being withheld. >>> the so-called san jose serial arsonist continues his dumpster burning path for a second day in a row. once again a trash bin in the same area near delna manor lane were set on fire. flames were put out before crews arrived. firefighters say these small fires could easily get out of control. this is the tenth fire in the past three weeks. >>> a two-alarm house fire in the hills above downtown mill valley start an hour and a half ago at 175 bolsa avenue. one person in the house when the fire started was able to get out safely. no word on the cause. >>> lower tax rates, increase growth. >> now you're jack kennedy. >> joe biden and paul ryan locking horns in the only vice- presidential debate of 2010 -- 2012, rather. the vice president's revival of lloyd bentsen's 1988 barb, here's the re
in san francisco have already registered. that is a new record for the city. >>> former south dakota senator george mcgovern who was a democratic candidate for president in 1972 has died. a decorated world war ii hero, mcgovern was a fierce opponent of the vietnam war. he lost his bid for the white house to richard nixon. mcgovern served in congress for more than two decades. he died sunday morning in south dakota. george mcgovern was 90 years old. funeral services are scheduled for friday in sioux falls. >>> 4:40 on this monday morning. terror in place of tranquility. >> what we're learning about a gunman who opened fire at a day spa. also ahead. >> i heard a boom, boom boom boom, look something hit the roof. and i'm thinking that's odd. >> plus an out-of-this-world discovery. what one north bay woman found in her own backyard. >> and a boy stuck between two buildings. the delicate rescue operation crews had to perform to get that little guy out. coming up. ,,,,,,,, turning a 20-foot wall into a canvas takes vision. so will getting into college. i've got what it takes. so do you. ch
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